Preston Meyer AG

strengthening the core

of your business

We build solutions for business-critical processes with low tolerance for downtime or error. Production, warehouse, system interfaces. Things that just have to work.

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Focus on the essential.

We develop solutions for humans with clearly defined goals.

Warehouse Man Worker

Keep it simple.

Avoid downtime.

In 20+ years, our warehouse systems shipped hundreds of thousands of orders with zero production outages.

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Manufacturing Plant during Daytime

Prototype. Iterate.

Get projects done.

Our pragmatic approach brings value fast and keeps projects from dragging on endlessly.

We use a "fractal" method: get the overall shape right, then iterate on the detail.

We work with long-term thinking businesses who

deal with physical products to achieve excellence in...


We design and build solutions to unite people, process, and technology into rock-solid operations.


Reliable operations are the result of clear expectations and concise communication.

We help you find the right words. Not buzzwords.


As board members, we provide operations know-how as well as a comprehensive view of people, process, and technology.

We put special focus on multi-generational family businesses.

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Our Team

Georg Meyer,

PhD Information & Decision Sciences

Georg brings 25 years experience in enabling solid operations through elegant solutions, both hands-on as well as at an executive level. He has driven forklifts, designed warehouses, built the systems that run them, and served as CIO for publicly traded Swiss company.

He communicates complex topics effectively to a wide range of audiences, on the assembly line and front-line as well as in the board and C-suites.

Megan Preston Meyer,

MBA Operations Management

Megan combines her skills as an author with her background in operations management and data analytics to help companies find their true voice, to get points across clearly without being boring.

Outside of operations, she writes novels and explains supply chain in children's books and gives parents working in logistics an easy answer to "what do you do at work, mommy?"

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What our clients say...

Georg is driven by a desire to develop leaders' capabilities and accountability in organizations he serves. He is a passionate

problem solver and motivated from a deep sense of purpose.

-- Matt, President

I am thankful for the work Megan is doing in the Supply Chain space. As someone who considers supply chain their purpose, books like hers would have been transformative for me.

-- Abby, Supply Chain Evangelist

Georg is the hands-on person we need to cut through the crap and get things done – within the deadlines. We still make use of systems Georg developed for us more than 15 years ago.

It works.

-- Anders, General Manager

Megan's feedback on two of my websites provided tremendous value! Her review was comprehensive, focusing on both small details and the big picture. I came away with a more refined knowledge of websites designed to serve the customer.

-- Stephanie, Education Business Founder

Georg loves to be the innovator to help a business run more efficiently. I feel he gains great satisfaction when he can help make things run easier and in a more productive fashion.

-- Ray, IT Manager

Really love how Megan packed the complex, headache-inducing supply chain challenges we had this year into a fun and kid-friendly Santa poem.

-- Davide, General Manager

Georg's presence is very calming and helps the discussion to remain focused.

-- Rolf, Head of Strategy

I loved it! Megan was so great and really practiced what she was preaching ... the whole workshop was so digestible and clear.

-- Corporate Workshop Participant